The Green Gel

accruing facial motives


by merely signs

I know to follow

a subway’s take

of memory

connected brains on


electric haze aria

mooching threads off

buried power line

mind you’ll need

it free of any art

clear the place

of dreaming

cats & dogs

you’ll have to struggle

for hollow space

to stay impressed

no matter what piece

comes scuttling out

we’ll need the head’s

rest for other


Brooklyn billboard advertising fuel oil for landlords.

Attention Landlords, You Could Have Been Poets...

Morgan Vo is a poet and singer. Born in the Tidewater area in 1989, he studied at the Cooper Union and the St. Mark’s Poetry Project, and lives now in Brooklyn, NY.


Self-portrait, Morgan Vo in multicolored winter hat and snood. Plush red toy frog in the back of a sedan.